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SEGA Action Figure

Introducing the perfect accessory for your gamepro editors presents sega dan elektro action figure joyride! This unique action figure features beautiful pink and green "sega" characters on a golden system board. He's got a big smile and the biggest eyes you'll ever see, and he's perfect for any game that needs a little more excitement.

Best SEGA Action Figure Comparison

This action figure is made from high quality plastic and features a beautiful blue and red jet set radio future beat action figure from the xbox series 4. This new action figure is accompanied by a new red and blue nib cover for the xbox console. This is an excellent addition to any sega fan's collection!
this is a brand new sega action figure. The outfit set includes his new suit, glasses, and beret. You can also choose to add any other sega-related outfits to him. This is an excellent way to add him up to 5 or 6 different outfits and have them all be unique and complete his character experience.
this is a great purchase for any sega fan! The magic of sega action figures can be experienced in this beautiful new outfit set. This doll has a stylish new outfit that will make you want to dance! The keyhole shirt and floor-sweeper haircolor are perfect for any day! The spindles in her hair are just right, and the green eyes are just right! This is a great everyday piece that will make any digi- dems go wild!